Proptech has come a long way but the journey is far from over

Focus on technology and you will stay relevant.

As many industries adapt to the changing landscape in a world filled with technological advances, blockchain, and the internet of things, real estate as one of the largest industries on the planet is starting to heat up. Proptech in Canada is launching start-ups at a rapid speed.

The need for innovation and creativity is the driving force behind all the buzz. Though the real estate industry has been resistant to change it is now forging ahead with better ways to accommodate the needs of the consumer. The “ask and thou shalt receive” mindset is sparking a tsunami of creative ideas to enhance the journey for both the buyer and seller.

The times they are a-changing

Why do you need to make changes to your tried and tested ways of working in real estate? Change opens up new opportunities to build your brand in an ever-evolving industry that is driven by the consumer. According to RENX of the 80% total number of proptech companies in Canada, more than 40% of those companies are focused on Proptech in Toronto. Other leading proptech cities including Greater Montreal, Greater Vancouver, Kitchener-Waterloo, and Calgary.

These companies are blazing the trail when it comes to bringing new and better ways for you to provide the consumer with information. Why should you be interested in implementing change? Proptech advancements provide an opportunity for you to give value to your clients, increase brand awareness, and grow a steady stream of qualified leads. It’s not surprising that a great portion of the new technology is developing in some of the hottest real estate markets in Canada. If investors are jumping into both the proptech industry and the markets, following the money can lead to opportunity and prosperity for all.

The growth pattern

Remember when you used to simply use your “Stanley” tape measure to grab a few outside and maybe a few inside measurements for a listing? Well, if your real estate history doesn’t go back quite that far, you likely at some point used a laser measuring device to obtain the square footage of a property. With the advancement of proptech in Canada you can now support your numbers accurately and on an interactive floor plan with the help of an iGUIDEⓇ.

Innovative technology gives you the best real estate marketing tools to grow your brand and promote your listings on every social media channel you use. Cutting-edge technology developed by companies like iGUIDEⓇ continues to grow and support the real estate industry. This growth offers you better and more efficient ways to provide information giving the consumer a reason to choose you as their agent.

Get ahead of the curve

There is no shortage of advice when it comes to building your real estate brand. Whether you own your brokerage, are an associate broker, or are an agent working for a large firm, setting yourself apart from the competition can be challenging. You can get ahead of the curve by choosing to use the tools that many top agents who are focused on proptech in Toronto include with every listing.

Canada’s real estate market is hot and according to CREA proptech is changing how real estate professionals use technology to their advantage. Continually moving forward by providing virtual tours, interactive floor plans, and accurate 3D measurement capabilities from innovative companies including iGUIDEⓇ, make it easier for consumers to buy and sell properties.

You already have so much to offer buyers and sellers including your expertise and experience, why not create a presence in the real estate industry to illuminate your brand? iGUIDEⓇ helps you build your brand beyond the basics as well as the ability to personalize your real estate marketing including all the proptech to promote your brand on every listing.

Multi-million dollar funding

Investment in real estate technology is rapidly growing. According to RENX, 5 companies focused on proptech in Canada have raised over $100 million in funding. Think companies like Docusign®, and iGuideⓇ who are continually striving to make the real estate industry easier and more accessible for the consumer.

Proptech advancements have given you ways to reach buyers and sellers through the medium they prefer most, the internet. All this technology supports Realtors® and enhances their value to their clients. What’s more, is that you will have access to new technologies as they become available. Your tech-savvy consumer is looking to you to give them ways to enjoy the experience of buying and selling with minimal hassle and maximum results.

Not only can an iGUIDEⓇ provide accurate property information, but it can give your brand the edge. Immersive 3D tours and floor plans show how a property fits and flows to stay in the forefront of the consumer’s mind helping make their real estate journey tech-friendly and memorable. 
Proptech has certainly come a long way in a short time. The demand for easier more precise ways to provide tangible information to consumers will continue to drive investors and proptech companies to new heights. The future is calling and as a real estate agent, you should take the call.

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