Floor Plan Fantasy – Helping the Buyer’s Dreams Come True

Make your buyer’s fantasies come true. Whether a home is recently constructed or in need of a complete overhaul, the way to a buyer’s dream home reality is through a floor plan.

According to the 2022 statistical report by NAR, 80-92% of home buyers are purchasing previously owned homes. Reasons for purchasing older homes range from better value to wanting a “fixer-upper”. Here’s where the floor plan is important. The basic structure of a home needs to be documented to account for room size, ceiling height, door and window placement and location of mechanical rooms. This allows the buyer to connect with the space and visualize their belongings within it. Floor plans paired with 3D virtual tours are a real estate agent’s marketing miracle and according to Realtrends, “a real estate agent’s superpower.”

Floor plan basics

Fantasy homes come in all shapes and sizes but the only way to assess value is to know the square footage. Standard floor plans show accurately measured space throughout the entire property. Room dimensions are measured from the interior while exterior measurements take into consideration the thickness of the walls. Buyers will be happy to know their full sized pickup truck fits into the garage or know the dining room can accommodate the extended family and fit a dining table with 14 chairs. Consumers can get up close and personal while viewing the 3D virtual tour, pausing to imagine how their items will fit into every room. Why is this important? The longer potential buyers peruse a property, the deeper the connection that leads to a sale.

Going from ordinary to extraordinary

You have likely already tried several apps to measure space. Simple room measurements can be obtained by a few clicks here and there. When you need to impress your seller during a listing presentation, you want to outshine your competition. Show your marketing expertise by using premium professional floor plans that give the seller’s property an advantage with potential buyers. Recent changes to Fannie Mae mortgage appraisals require homes to be measured to the ANSI-Z765-2021 standard to improve consistency and provide clarity for all parties involved. Assure your sellers that your iGUIDE floor plans adhere to the standard to help speed up the mortgage approval process and make the buyer’s dream home a reality faster!  

Immersed and enamoured

Sometimes it takes a buyer a while to truly fall in love with a home but you can enhance the journey by creating ways to interact with the space. Immersive 3D virtual tours help the buyer make a connection. Did you know that virtual tours top the list of the most helpful technology for both buyers and sellers according to Realtor.com? There is a little psychology behind the how and why people love watching videos. 360˚ virtual tours create enjoyment and pleasure while reducing stress according to a recent article from NCBI. Buyers want their fantasy homes to fulfill their needs for shelter, privacy and enjoyment.

Lasting value

The value of virtual tours and floor plans are abundant for the agent, the seller and the buyer. When used as a marketing tool, real estate agents will attest to the value, accuracy and ease of use iGUIDE provides. iGUIDE helps qualify potential buyers before making physical appointments. Once the property is sold, the floor plan and 360˚ tour is the perfect keepsake for the seller. The buyer can make their dream home a reality by using advanced measurement and tagging tools to perform renovations, get quotes from contractors and help with the move in process.

The power of floor plans and 360˚ virtual tours

Strength in numbers is what real estate is all about. From the number of leads and listings to the number of potential buyers in your sales funnel. What if you could improve on these important figures by using the power of floor plans and virtual tours? Using current marketing tools for every listing showcases your professionalism. Potential sellers recognize the value of hiring a real estate agent when they can see the results of previous clients. iGUIDE Analytics offers insight to help sellers understand the process and help you adjust your marketing plan as needed. Buyers looking to find their fantasy homes will appreciate the accurately drafted floor plans. Users can measure in 2D, or in a 3D space to determine costs for furniture, renovations or insurance quotes.

Make the buyer’s dream home a reality by offering a solution to the problem of finding the right house. The perfect fit involves getting accurate measurements from the beginning without cutting corners. The dream becomes reality with iGUIDE.

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