The role of technology in creating efficient insurance and restoration procedures

Claims are pouring in across North America and that means more business than ever for claims adjusters and restoration professionals.

But it also means more risk for those relying on manual processes.

We’re seeing an increase in insurance litigation, and it’s expected to continue. So how can you navigate the volume of claims and maintain efficient insurance and restoration procedures? If you’re managing measurements and documentation manually, it means extending your days and shortening your caseload so you have time to double down on the details and triple-check your documentation.

There’s no room to compensate for the risk of human error. Fortunately, technology has emerged as a powerful tool to help streamline the claims process.

Overcoming industry challenges

When assessing damage and restoring properties to their pre-peril state, time is of the essence and speeding up the appraisal process is a way to get more claims processed.

Challenges exist for both insurance companies and restoration professionals. Insurance companies face difficulty accurately assessing damages, determining liability and managing claims efficiently. Additionally, restoration and claims professionals encounter challenges such as coordinating multiple contractors, managing timelines and ensuring quality work.

Advanced technologies like drones, machine learning algorithms and digital tools such as the iGUIDE Instant Sketch platform enable you to process property damage assessments more accurately, reduce claims-processing timelines and streamline the restoration processes.

When an estimate is needed fast, you have to be able to document everything during your initial visit to the affected property. Fortunately, technology has emerged as a powerful tool to help streamline the claims process.

Technology and efficiency in insurance restoration

Technology plays a crucial role in streamlining both the insurance and restoration processes. Specifically, the iGUIDE Instant Sketch platform facilitates accurate material estimation and procurement. This platform provides claims adjusters and restoration professionals with detailed and precise property measurements, allowing for more accurate material calculations and reducing the risk of over (or under) estimating quantities.

Additionally, virtual walkthroughs enable restoration professionals to identify and prioritize restoration needs more efficiently. By visually assessing the property remotely, these walkthroughs save time and provide a comprehensive understanding of the restoration requirements.

The benefits of iGUIDE Instant Sketch

Claims adjusters and restoration professionals can now simplify their workflow by harnessing the power of iGUIDE Instant Sketch — an innovative tool that can automatically create floor plan drawings and translate those directly to an ESX sketch within the Xactimate software platform in minutes. From there, adjusters can begin the estimating process.

By combining optical imaging, laser (Lidar) measurements and deep learning AI technology, iGUIDE Instant Sketch photo documents the property in minutes capturing thousands of measurements and visual data. iGUIDE Instant Sketch then connects to Verisk Xactimate and uses all of the data captured to create a floor plan sketch automatically. The iGUIDE Instant Sketch platform streamlines the claims process, facilitating better decision-making for adjusters and estimators.

Using AI to create floor plans allows quick and precise assessments, saving time and effort. Moreover, the iGUIDE system enables seamless collaboration between insurance adjusters (field and desk), restoration experts and property owners. The virtual walkthrough and floor plan provides a centralized source of truth for sharing and editing floor plans. Communication is simplified and everyone involved is on the same page. This collaborative approach ultimately leads to faster claim processing and more accurate evaluations, benefiting all parties involved.

Technology enables streamlined processes, faster claims handling and more accurate assessments. It also allows for real-time communication and collaboration, leading to quicker resolutions and better outcomes. To meet the demand of today’s marketplace, claims adjusters and restoration professionals must understand the significance of incorporating technology into their operations for improved efficiency and ultimately, to provide better service to their customers.

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