iGUIDE Camera Fuels Success for One Man’s Pandemic Pivot

When the pandemic struck in March 2020, Todd Wasylyshyn was laid off from his six-figure job in Vancouver.

So, the 54-year-old doubled-down on his life-long hobby—-photography. After immersing himself in learning how to shoot buildings inside and out, Wasylyshyn started a real estate photography business and built a website.

Nanaimo Photography was getting some traction, and Todd liked his new life. No more commuting from his home in Nanaimo to Vancouver. So, his old employers were surprised when they called Todd to return to work, and he refused.

“I really enjoyed being at home, working from home, not having to commute every week over to Vancouver, and not having to be away at trade shows and stuff. I was enjoying my time with my wife, my dog, and my home. So, I said: ‘You know what? Sink or swim, I am going to do this.’”

He quickly realized real estate photographers will not thrive on photos alone. So, when a contact said he should check out the iGUIDE camera, the budding entrepreneur quickly called the company behind the leading-edge proptech tool that has revolutionized online marketing for real-estate. Todd started using his new iGUIDE camera in September 2020.

The camera arrived on a Friday, and Todd had already watched the online tutorials and was excited to start using it.

“I got a call on Saturday: ‘Hey can you do a 3D tour and floor plan on Sunday? Sure, I got this.’ So, I did that, with photos, and put everything together and Monday morning the agent had all of the assets in one email, it was processed so quickly,” said Todd.

With that purchase, Nanaimo Photography was offering 3D tours, 360-degree tours, floor plans with room dimensions and measurements, including square-footage calculations. The digital assets are usually processed within 24 hours, and the clients have everything in a single email attachment.

There are no monthly hosting fees and iGUIDE assets seamlessly integrate with a client’s website, social media, and MLS.

“As soon as I announced I was offering 3D tours and floor plans, all of the people I had been trying to get to hire me for photographs, all of a sudden they were much more interested in me,” said Todd.

“They could get photos, 3D tours, floor plans, property website, all in one package, with one phone call, with one operator, with one appointment at the house,” said Todd. “That convenience resonated with a lot of them.”

Within a couple of months, Todd was paying himself a wage and covering his mortgage.

“I paid off the iGUIDE camera in five weeks,” he said. “When they see the convenience, making one booking and getting all the assets all at once, a lot of them were sold and have used me for every one of their listings.”

Before the pandemic, Todd was managing a shop for a jewelry designer in Vancouver. So, he has an eye for design. That was one of the first things he noticed about the display of iGUIDE tours on a listing. Simple, easy-to-use, beautiful pictures.

Real Estate Photography 3d tour camera
Real Estate Photography 3d tour camera

The iGUIDE camera’s leading-edge property tech includes a built-in laser for measurements. The result is the most accurate measurements compared to any technology in the property-tech space. The operator uploads everything to iGUIDE’s backend in about five minutes and then heads to the next shoot.

The iGUIDE is a critical part of his business.

“Since I started offering iGUIDE 3D tours and floor plans, 90 percent of my business is a package that includes that, and 10 percent is photos-only,” said Todd.

The iGUIDE camera linked Nanaimo Photography with an ever-expanding network of iGUIDE operators around North America.

“The trifecta of photos, 3D tours, and floor plans gives the agents a solid marketing program at a reasonable cost,” said Todd.

“It is just so easy for them to receive and publish the assets, the iGUIDE Report really makes their job so much easier,” he said.

Getting into real estate photography today means so much more than photos. Todd found the iGUIDE the quickest way to profitably diversify his product offerings.

“You have to be more to the agent than just a photographer, there are so many avenues now to market a property digitally, that you can’t just be in that one narrow area,” said Todd.

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nanaimo photography
nanaimo photography

Todd Wasylyshyn

Nanaimo, BC

Todd Wasylyshyn is a photographer, real estate investor, and businessman and believes he stands at the cross-road of real estate marketing and the art & science of digital media. While pursuing photography only as a hobby, Todd had never imagined that the pandemic would actually prove to be a blessing in disguise, when it resulted in him losing his job. He decided to take up real estate photography as a profession and started Nanaimo Photography. When he came across iGUIDE and started incorporating 3D tours in his service offering, he never wanted to go back to his old life. What changed? Here’s what he has to say.