An aerial 360-degree panorama of a property can give a valuable and unique perspective to potential buyers. Viewing a property from a high vantage point is a great way to show the surrounding neighborhood and layout of the property. The process for capturing and sharing 360-degree content is easier than ever but can benefit from an explanation.

Start by capturing an aerial 360.

Creating an aerial 360 requires that one image be taken from either a 360 capable camera or series of images be captured by a more standard camera and stitched together. The exact process of capturing the images depends on what manufacturer of drones you are using and the capabilities it has. The easiest example can be seen in DJI’s software implementation in the form of sphere mode. This mode, when enabled, will take a series of images and stitch them together into a spherical panorama.

The final output should look something like this:

This format is often referred to as equirectangular.

Then add your new 360 to a tour.

Adding your new aerial 360-degree content to an iGUIDE is easier than you think! This is done by selecting the ‘Add User Pano’ option in Stitch. Detailed instructions can be found here. The process requires that you insert a 360-degree image into the folder tree in Stitch and then place the pano centre correctly next to the other laser measurement data so that it appears in a suitable position.

aerial snipp

The aerial panorama will be included when the data is exported from Stitch and will appear on the iGUIDE floor plan in the approximate location it was placed in Stitch.

What are some benefits of having an aerial pano?

Adding an aerial pano directly into the iGUIDE 3D tour is beneficial for many reasons.  Here are a few big ones:

  • Add some wow factor. Potential home buyers and sellers are impressed with aerial content that is seamlessly integrated into a 3D tour. So it sure is a great way to stand out among similar listings.
  • Get a better idea of the size and layout of the property. Having the aerial pano right next to the floor plan gives home buyers better insights into the relationship between the interior and exterior of the property.
  • Easily display your aerial content without using a separate system with its own software interface. Keeping all your content in the iGUIDE makes sharing with your client a simpler process. This benefits buyers and sellers alike, by making the content easier to find and understand.
Is there a catch?

There is no catch beyond the technical challenge of capturing the aerial 360 in the first place and including it in the tour. This feature is free and is available for every iGUIDE. If you already have the ability to capture 360 aerial panoramas then it’s a perfect fit.

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