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Welcome to iGUIDE.

A warm welcome from the iGUIDE family, our support team is looking forward to working with you! This website is intended to help you get started. If you encounter any difficulty please contact us through the Support Desk via support.youriguide.com. Your camera is being shipped, we are setting up your accounts, and some invitations will show up in your inbox.  Be the first to get notifications about the status of our online systems by going to status.youriguide.com and subscribing.

Check out these important sites.

Explore our user portal @manage.youriguide.com

The iGUIDE Portal is where you will create + manage your iGUIDEs. You will receive a verification from the iGUIDE Portal email shortly. You will be the manager of this account, meaning you will have the ability to invite other members of your team as sub-accounts. For a complete explanation of what terms like “Manager” and “sub-accounts” mean click hereMake sure to check your email for the iGUIDE Portal invitation! Accepting this invitation will grant your new user account all the special permissions that you need (e.g Downloading Stitch, Creating iGUIDEs, etc.). You won’t be able to access any of these areas by signing up normally on the iGUIDE Portal. Processing fees are detailed here once you have logged in.

See what others have to say @forum.goiguide.com

The iGUIDE Discussion Forum is open to anyone to read and is used by our operators to share best practices, ask questions, share information about how to handle inquiries, etc. from their clients and is also the best place to ask questions as a new iGUIDE operator to others that are experiencing success in other markets.

Learn from the iGUIDE knowledge base and support desk @support.youriguide.com

The iGUIDE Support Desk is a support ticket platform, which allows us to provide you with solutions to questions and bugs faster and more efficiently. Whenever you have any issue with your iGUIDE, your camera, or software, the support desk is the best way to communicate it to Planitar. You will need to create an account in order to use this platform.  If you log into the iGUIDE Portal and click on the blue “create ticket” button on the left-hand side it will automatically re-direct you to the support desk and prompt you to create an account.

Take note: Your iGUIDE Portal account is separate from your Support Desk account! Only your iGUIDE Portal account is created automatically.

What should I do with my new camera?

1. Un-box the camera system and charge the system battery.
This is done by plugging the adapter provided into the charging port with the battery inserted. Please confirm that the green led charging indicator is blinking.

2. If you have an IMS-5, charge the DSLR battery by placing it in the wall charger provided.

3. Choose a suitable WiFi capable smart device to use with the camera.
No data is stored on the device so the storage capacity is not important. What’s the best device to use?  The simple answer is the one you already have with you. A smartphone made within the last few years is an excellent place to start.  Any recent Android or iOS tablet is a good choice if you would prefer to have a bigger screen to work with.  Experiment with different devices and choose the one you like best.

4. Choose a suitable tripod and head.
It should be able to hold 10 lbs or more and be slim enough so that it doesn’t appear in the panoramic images. Click here to see some recommendations!

5. Download Stitch.
Stitch is the post-processing software required to work with data from the iGUIDE camera system. It can be found on the iGUIDE User Portal (manage.youriguide.com) Support page or the goiguide.com/downloads page.

6. Begin online training.

Start your training right away!

Training involves the camera, the post processing software, the iGUIDE user portal and more. Begin any time you like by exploring our resources page. Or jump straight to what interests you by clicking on the links below. We offer a series of step-by-step videos to walk you through everything you will need to know to create an iGUIDE. Easy-to-follow instructions accompany each video to help you confirm your knowledge. Figuring this all out will take you a couple of days but the sooner you get started the sooner you can make iGUIDEs.

camera training
camera training

How am I going to be billed?

You will receive a monthly invoice from the Planitar billing department via email. To gain an understanding of billable area and how billing works please read this detailed explanation.