iGuide - The Deft Group
“In iGUIDE, The Deft Group has found the biggest disrupter of how insurance claims, restoration projects, and the like are documented since arguably the digital camera. We sought out a solution for efficiently and accurately documenting complex residential and large commercial properties in 2020 after becoming dismayed with “competing” technologies in the space and were immediately blown away by the system’s capabilities. Since, we have purchased dozens of cameras and put them in the hands of field consultants as standard issue to handle Deft’s assignments regardless of size and complexity. Between quick virtual tour and accompanying floor plan turnaround times, built-in measurement functionality, and the ability to embed tags to better document a loss or jobsite, we rely ever more on iGUIDE as the vehicle through which we communicate our product to our clients.”
Jeremiah Kiefer , Founder – CEO (The Deft Group)

“In our industry, it is all about taking a photo that gathers as much data as possible with one click and then translating that data into an estimate. iGUIDE is the tool for the job.”

Paul Spencer, Virtual Estimating