At iGUIDE we are dedicated to helping our iGUIDE Operators achieve success. Here we are delighted to share some of these stories below.

Turning Government Regulations into a Lucrative Source of Revenue

Brandon Cooper RealPics Fort McMurray, Alberta Brandon Cooper has had a truly impressive 2019! He’s just returned to Fort McMurray, Alberta after hosting the first-ever PFRE Conference in Las Vegas, his website PFRE is getting lots of traction and his Real Estate Photography [...]

Higher Profits, Less Work and More Family Time: iGUIDE Delivers

Blake Edwards S3 Design Co Blackshear, Georgia Blake Edwards, the owner of S3 Design Co. in Blackshear, Georgia, is a busy man. He only just bought his first iGUIDE IMS-5 camera system in December 2018, but is already seeing remarkable growth and success! [...]

Spectacular Growth in One of Canada’s Richest Real Estate Markets

John Amendola Realtours Media Vaughan, Ontario There are even bigger things on the horizon for John Amendola, of Realtours Media. Serving York Region, Realtours Media is active in some of the wealthiest cities in the country (King City), and some of the fastest growing [...]

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