Using Stitch: The Basics

IMPORTANT NOTE: Stitch is downloadable software that must be run on a desktop or laptop computer. Login with an operator account is required to access the download page. Click here to access the download page. Please download and install Stitch on your computer before continuing.

Using Stitch: The Workflow


1. Load one or more projects into Stitch. Multiple projects can be selected in the Load projects dialog.

Click the Load Project button located at the top right corner of the screen.  You will then have to select the project folder by clicking on it once and then clicking on the choose button.

NOTE: Copy the project folder to your computer before opening in Stitch. This will reduce the risk of corrupted data files if your USB drive fails.

2. Rotate floor data so that the main entrance faces toward the bottom of the screen and all floors have the same orientation.

Click on the Move/Rotate all button. Left click and drag you mouse to move the data.  Right click and drag your mouse to rotate the data. Having the floors similarity aligned will make it easier to understand and align the laser measurement data.

3. Review and change, if needed, panorama data positioning on each floor.

Click on the Move/Rotate Pano button. Left click and drag you mouse to move the data.  Right click and drag your mouse to rotate the data. The desired result is to have all laser measurement data overlapping and aligned so that the data resembles the floorplan that will be drawn from it.

4. Review all panorama images for proper alignment and adjust color if desired.

Click on the Adjust Panoramas button.  From the adjustments screen you will be able to adjust white balance using the eyedropper tool, adjust the appearance of the images using the sliders, and disable panoramas.

5. Export project to generate compressed Stitch data file.

Click the export button to generate a compressed file on your computer that can then be sent to Planitar.  Clicking the export button does not automatically send data to Planitar. The compressed file can be found in the original project folder in a special folder called _Export.  The file itself will have the project address as part of its name.  Example:  123greenst.stitch.tar

6. Upload Stitch data file to the iGUIDE Portal

Log in to the iGUIDE portal ( and click on the button on the menu bar that says +Create iGUIDE.  This page will allow you to order an iGUIDE with the characteristics you want

Using Stitch: Auto Arranging Data

iGUIDE Portal System

If you have completed this portion of the training please continue to the next section!