Technical Training

Here, we offer a series of step-by-step videos to walk you through using the IMS5 Camera System, Stitch Software and iGUIDE Portal. Easy-to-follow instructions accompanying each video to confirm your knowledge at the end.

IMS5 Camera System

iGuide - training

Stitch Software

iGuide - training

iGUIDE Portal System

Support Links

iGUIDE Portal

Click here to access our iGUIDE Portal; our back office system for creating, managing iGUIDE’s.

Camera Documentation

Click here to access all of the information and documentation on the IMS5 Camera System.

Support Desk

Submit a ticket in our Support Desk to ask a question or request support.

Tech Tips

YouTube channel devoted to tackling any technical issues related to iGUIDE.

Sales and Marketing Training

Here, we provide a library of tools to help you achieve success with iGUIDE. Our Marketing Catalogue provides print, web, video and graphic resources to be used for building and growing. Our Building Blocks is a VLOG series, walking viewers through tools and processes used by iGUIDE Professionals to build their businesses.

Marketing Catalogue

Building Blocks

Support Links

Discussion Forum

Interact with the iGUIDE Operator community here. Ask questions, share advice/success or just read along.


Find articles on different topics to help you be more successful in your business: best practices, tips and tricks, and interesting trends/information.

Success Stories

This is where we highlight our standout Operators; we talk about how iGUIDE has improved their business.