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Real Estate Photography Blogs2023-08-31T17:03:39-04:00
  • iGUIDE aerial 3D tour viewer

Give an extra edge to your 3D Tours with Aerial 360s

An aerial 360-degree panorama of a property can give a valuable and unique perspective to potential buyers. Viewing a property from a high vantage point is a great way to show the surrounding neighborhood and layout of the property. The process for capturing and sharing[...]

  • photographer with camera bag 1

Real Estate Photography – What’s in my camera bag?

Every real estate photographer has their preferred camera gear that they use to complete their work. Let’s explore my real estate photography camera bag and I’ll explain what I carry and why. When shooting for Real Estate I usually provide a 3D tour, floorplans, photos,[...]

  • House

Top Tips for Better Real Estate Photo Composition in 2020

Real Estate photography follows the same basic compositional rules as other types of photography. It’s similar to portraiture, landscapes, and sports in most technical aspects (ie. focus, exposure, white balance) but can differ in composition because of scale and industry requirements. Here are some of[...]

Start to finish, 3200 sq ft scanned in about 20 minutes

Follow along with me to see the experience of shooting an iGUIDE. Experience what it’s actually like and why it’s a great tool for professional photographers. The property featured in this video is just over 3200 sq ft and it took[...]

  • iGuide - what do hombuyers want

What Today’s Home Buyers Are Looking For Online

Whether you’re a new agent or a seasoned pro, chances are you’re always looking for that competitive edge over other local agents to score the hottest new listings in your area. From your (perfectly on-brand) listing presentation to your rock-solid knowledge of the latest neighbourhood[...]

  • iGuide - Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photography Time Management Tools

Everyone gets the same 24 hours in a day. However, not all hours are created equally. Some people seem to get more productivity out of their time than others. Meanwhile, others can’t seem to catch their breath, and before they know it, another work[...]

  • iGUIDE distinguish yourself

10 Ways to Distinguish Professional Real Estate Photography

When it comes to selling real estate, image is everything. The quality of your property photographs and 360 panoramas matters. And yet, many real estate agents fail to invest wisely in professional real estate photography. Or worse – perhaps they don’t invest at all. The truth is,[...]

  • iGUIDE real estate photo

How To Offer Realtors Better Real Estate Photos In Less Time

Most real estate agents already understand the importance of real estate photography and 3D virtual tours. High quality photos and 3D tours of the property they’re selling translate into more potential buyers, more demand, and more money. High resolution photos are one of the top things home buyers[...]

  • Presentation and Google Street View Summit 2017

iGUIDE® at the Google Street View Summit 2017 in Tokyo, Japan

iGUIDE was invited to participate in the Google Street View Summit in Tokyo, Japan (May 10-11, 2017).  Alexander Likholyot, Co-founder of Planitar Inc. presented the integration of iGUIDE Virtual Tours and Google Street View. The process of exporting an iGUIDE tour to Google Street View is easy, fast and[...]

  • Floor plan

How long is iGUIDE® post processing time?

I was recently asked how long it takes to process the data from the iGUIDE camera system before submitting it. The answer will vary from house to house but in this case the answer is 2 minutes and 45 seconds.  Here is a short video that demonstrates the process[...]