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  • iGUIDE blockchain real estate

Blockchain and Real Estate – What’s all the buzz about?

Have you heard the term blockchain and immediately thought of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin? Perhaps you think, why should I care about blockchain? Blockchain technology and real estate are currently being considered for a variety of real-world transactions. Though the technology itself is not new, according[...]

  • iGuide - 3D Tour

Why use 3D tours to engage buyers

Impact. If you want to have an impact on your real estate marketing think of 3D tours. Photos are useful to present a 2-dimensional picture of a property but with 3D tours, you not only paint the picture but you make the picture come to[...]

  • iGUIDE blog real estate agent marketing

Real Estate Agent marketing for 2022

Are your real estate marketing strategies working? Is your funnel getting clogged? It’s time you thought about the different stages of marketing to improve getting qualified leads from the top of your funnel to the bottom. Attract potential customers by lubricating their thoughts, delighting them[...]

A successful virtual open house and 3D tours for your clients

Ah, the open house. You either love it or are indifferent to it. But either way, an open house is an essential tool in your real estate marketing plan. Traditional open houses require you to set up a multitude of signs leading traffic in the[...]

Avoid These Mistakes as a New Real Estate Agent

Sales are your forte’ so you decided on real estate as a profession where you can use your skills and charisma to earn a living. You’ve heard that top Realtors® make six-figure salaries or more, so why not get a piece of the action? The[...]

Help Your Buyer Leads Move Forward

Home sales have been brisk throughout 2021. You are busy following up with your clients making sure to answer any questions that have arisen since their recent sale or purchase. But what about the buyers who appeared to be ready to buy but nothing materialized?[...]

  • Sparks Media Group grows with the help if iGUIDE

One photographer’s passion project turns profitable with iGUIDE

Six years ago, you could find Tom Sparks lugging around his photography gear on weekends. Tom is passionate about shooting a variety of events. Capturing images of models, musicians, and weddings fills the desire to create incredible and memorable photos for his clients, but Tom soon discovered it didn’t[...]

  • local marketing iGUIDE

Make your next marketing strategy Local

What does it mean to be a local real estate agent? By focusing on a targeted area you become an expert in a specific geographic area. You regularly attend events and have your eyes and ears tuned into the pulse of the community. The relationship[...]

Proptech Has Come a Long Way But the Journey is Far From Over

Focus on technology and you will stay relevant. As many industries adapt to the changing landscape in a world filled with technological advances, blockchain, and the internet of things, real estate as one of the largest industries on the planet is starting to heat up.[...]

  • iGuide - Sell Your home

Tips and Tricks for Selling Your Home Quickly for Top Dollar

A home is like a castle and every castle needs a little TLC once in a while to keep it inviting and functioning correctly. Updated décor, a few smart renovations, and some modern touches can do wonders to make a property competitive in the real[...]

  • Ail Sonderup Click 360 Photography uses iGUIDE

How a Real Estate Photographer Went From 0 to 20 iGUIDEs a Week

Ail Sonderup, a London-based real estate photographer, is no stranger to virtual tours. She was introduced to them back in 2003 when the technology was still in its infancy. After graduating from the Fanshawe College Photography program, she worked at a small local startup that was developing this technology for[...]

  • open house holiday iguide

An Open House is a Great Idea During the Holiday Season

A holiday open house is not just for entertaining it can be a great way for you to market a seller’s home. Festive seasons are about celebrating and what better way to celebrate the home buying process than with creative prop-tech tools that highlight a[...]

Leading the Way With Essential iGUIDE Benefits for Every Realtor

If you have been thinking of ways to increase awareness and capture more real estate leads in Canada, iGUIDE is essential. With thousands of agents competing for the attention of buyers and sellers, you can stand out by showing why you are the Realtor of[...]

Trending Now: Smart Technology, Smart Marketing, Smart Realtors®

Real estate technology in 2021 is giving you ways to shape your future. Whether you are focused primarily on residential or commercial property you can’t ignore the changing landscape of your industry. Now is your time to take advantage of proptech trends to boost your[...]