Property Management + iGUIDE®

Take the guesswork out of Property Management when you map and document As-Built Environments with iGUIDE. Create visual and dimensional information for planning, designing, and evaluating spaces.

Save Time AND Money

iGUIDE is the gold standard for its proprietary, fast, and efficient capture process that significantly reduces onsite visits with unlimited viewing potential.


Convenient 24/7 Access

Time zones and variable working locations won’t get in the way of your team’s ability to coordinate on a project. With iGUIDE, the team can view a property from any browser or device, at any time.


Efficiently Communicate

iGUIDE provides the ability to accurately estimate and share job scope information and crucial property data for stakeholders and easily collaborate with vendors and project teams.


Visual Documentation

Use iGUIDE to visually document ongoing progress and property conditions during construction for dependable moment-time capture of the physical reality of spaces.


Complete Control

With privacy and security at the forefront of most corporations policies, iGUIDE provides downloadable assets that allow for secure, self-hosting options.


Multi-Purpose Views

iGUIDE is customizable. Hide rooms, floors, and visuals to create custom views to suit the needs of unique users and projects.


Core iGUIDE Components

iGUIDE Viewer

Navigate your way through the floor plan and engage in an immersive walk-through experience.

Floor Plans

All iGUIDEs Include superior-quality floor plans with room labelling, dimensions, and an interactive measurement tool.


Our iGUIDE Report features 3D tour links, professional images, essential property details, and easy-to-embed code.

Admin Portal

Lose the guesswork and extra site visits by measuring specific areas with our interactive measurement tool.

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