Facility Management with iGUIDE

Map and document as-built environments with the iGUIDE Camera System. Create visual and dimensional information for planning, designing and evaluating space.

Explore as-built spaces with iGUIDE

iGUIDE gives you the ability to explore spaces remotely, providing you the comprehensive information you need. Click on the image below to try out iGUIDE.

Embed iGUIDE into your Website

Customizable embed code allows you to easily integrate the iGUIDE directly into your website.

Why use the iGUIDE?

Save Time & Reduce Costs

  • Reduces costly onsite visits with unlimited remote viewing
  • Fast and efficient capture process

Visual Documentation

  • Permanent visual record for reference of real world space
  • Document progress and property conditions during construction

Convenient 24/7 Access

  • View a property from any browser or device, at any time

Complete Control

  • Downloadable assets allow for secure self-hosting options

Efficiently Communicate

  • Identify needs and problem areas
  • Estimate and share job scope and conditions with stakeholders
  • Easily collaborate with vendors or project teams

Multi-purpose Views

  • Customize views of the iGUIDE. Hide rooms, floors and/or panoramas as desired and create views for each unique purpose or user.

What do you get with an iGUIDE?

iGuide - Tablet