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This is a place where you can learn about and experiment with iGUIDE and all its features.  There is a sample iGUIDE below for you to familiarize yourself with the controls.

  • You can see and navigate by clicking and dragging on the visuals with your mouse. If you are on a mobile device you can just drag your finger.  You can also move throughout the property by clicking the navigations arrows.
  • You can click on the dots to teleport to any area of the house at any time. The fastest way to get the information you want is to click the dot located in the space you want to investigate.
  • You can minimize the floor plan at any time by clicking on the icon located in the top right corner of the white area. This will give you better access to the visuals.
  • You can look at different levels of the property by clicking on the floor selector in the bottom right of the white area

iGUIDE Report

This report contains all the information, links, downloads, and tools needed to list a home.   Posting on MLS is as easy as copying and pasting the correct link.  You can also download the images, floorplans and 3d tour directly to your computer.  Easily share the Iguide by clicking on the social media sharing buttons.

iGUIDE Showcase - 64 Greenfield Avenue


Please check your MLS policy for using branded vs. unbranded virtual tours.

Branded iGuide Links

iGuide: https://youriguide.com/vK492NXA6V8DD1
PDF Floor Plan (in feet): https://youriguide.com/vK492NXA6V8DD1/doc/floorplan_imperial_en.pdf
PDF Floor Plan (in meters): https://youriguide.com/vK492NXA6V8DD1/doc/floorplan_metric_en.pdf
iGuide VR: https://youriguide.com/vK492NXA6V8DD1?page=tour_vr

Unbranded iGuide Links

iGuide: https://mls.youriguide.com/vK492NXA6V8DD1?unbranded
PDF Floor Plan (in feet): https://youriguide.com/vK492NXA6V8DD1/doc/floorplan_imperial_en_u.pdf
PDF Floor Plan (in meters): https://youriguide.com/vK492NXA6V8DD1/doc/floorplan_metric_en_u.pdf
iGuide VR: https://youriguide.com/vK492NXA6V8DD1?page=tour_vr&unbranded


MLS-sized Image Gallery: Download (right-click to copy link)
Hi-Res Image Gallery: Download (right-click to copy link)
Offline iGuide: Download (right-click to copy link)
Photo Spheres: Download (right-click to copy link)

Note: The download links will expire in 3 weeks.


Feature Sheet Creator: https://manage.youriguide.com/feature_sheet/#/?g=vK492NXA6V8DD1
Embedding Tool: https://manage.youriguide.com/embed/#/vK492NXA6V8DD1

Property Details

Room Dimensions


Kitchen/brkfst: 14'6" x 25'2" / 4.42m x 7.67m
Living: 13'9" x 14' / 4.20m x 4.27m
Dining: 13'10" x 19'1" / 4.21m x 5.81m
Laundry: 10'11" x 9'5" / 3.34m x 2.87m
Showroom: 19'3" x 25'2" / 5.88m x 7.66m


Master: 14'6" x 25'4" / 4.42m x 7.72m
Bedroom: 14'2" x 10'11" / 4.31m x 3.32m
Bedroom: 9'10" x 14'1" / 2.99m x 4.28m
Family: 19'3" x 15'7" / 5.87m x 4.76m


Storage: 7'4" x 13'7" / 2.24m x 4.15m
Rec Room: 13'3" x 32' / 4.04m x 9.75m
Rec Room: 14'6" x 21'2" / 4.43m x 6.46m
Utility/storage: 14'4" x 16' / 4.36m x 4.88m
Note: Room dimensions are largest width and length, parts of room may be smaller.

Floor Area Information

Main Building Perimeter Wall Thickness: 10 inch / 25 cm


Interior Area: 1617 sq ft / 150 m²
Perimeter Wall Length: 181 ft / 55 m
Exterior Area: 1765 sq ft / 164 m²


Interior Area: 1528 sq ft / 142 m²
Perimeter Wall Length: 174 ft / 53 m
Exterior Area: 1671 sq ft / 155 m²


Below Grade
Interior Area: 1054 sq ft / 98 m²
Perimeter Wall Length: 160 ft / 49 m
Exterior Area: 1185 sq ft / 110 m²

Main Building Area Summary

Total Interior Area Above Grade: 3145 sq ft / 292 m²
Perimeter Wall Length: 355 ft / 108 m
Perimeter Wall Thickness: 10 inch / 25 cm
Total Exterior Area Above Grade: 3436 sq ft / 319 m²

Note: For explanation of floor area calculations and method of measurement please see https://youriguide.com/measure/

More about the iGuide technology:   www.goiguide.com
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iGUIDE Analytics

iGuide Analytics provides a strong indicator of which external sources are most valuable in generating traffic for your property listing.  For instance, iGuide’s breakdown of unique versus returning visitors indicates how many come back for multiple visits. To help you understand how long visitors are staying once they arrive, you are given a detailed breakdown of the length a visitor stays.

Floor plans

Every iGUIDE comes with floor plans and there are two different styles currently available.   Premium floorplans have additional details such as door swings, appliances, and fixtures.  View the example below to see the difference.