Real Estate Photography Building Blocks

Welcome to the iGUIDE Building Blocks channel, brought to you by Kevin Klages, co-founder of iGUIDE. Back in 2013 Kevin created a Real Estate photography company with co-founder Alex Likholyot – from scratch. Today, iGUIDE has a network of hundreds of photographers across the world.

This channel is about sharing all the lessons that we learned while building our Real Estate Photography business, as well working with our iGUIDE Operators as they built their successful Real Estate Photography business.

Why should you take time out of your day to watch these videos?

Because we have been there and we have done it. We have hundreds of people in our iGUIDE professional network that are doing it too. They are building incredibly successful businesses on the back of iGUIDE technology and what we want is more professional photographers as part of our network to help them create successful businesses too.

How to analyze their market share, their opportunity for business in their specific service region.

How to ensure your customers are getting their maximum effectiveness of the iGUIDE’s marketing potential.

How face-to-face marketing helps promote your business through trade shows and office presentations.

The process for identifying your most valuable potential clients and share tips for learning about your clients’ business.

How to pull all the information you need out of the NAR Annual Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers Report.

How to ensure your Real Estate Photography business is productive 12 months of the year.

Learn how iGUIDE Delivers Better Results