Real Estate Photography Building Blocks: iGUIDE Audit – Website Audit

Help your clients get the most from the iGUIDE

I’m Kevin Klages. Welcome to Building Blocks and our iGUIDE audit series. This series is about helping real estate photographers turn occasional customers into loyal, repeat clients.

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As professional real estate photographers the success of our business relies on clients coming back to us every time they list a new property. We need to be an important part of the property listing team. And to become an important part of their team means we need to show value, more value than any other option available. The iGUIDE audit is a check-up we perform for our clients to make sure they’re getting value from our services. An agent or brokerage website is their online storefront for showcasing their properties, their marketing and their brand. Making sure our clients are using iGUIDE tools on their website is a key part of our iGUIDE audit.

A recent article by Inman news reported there are close to a million agent websites online and most are generating little to no leads for their owners. At the same time, there are websites out there generating a lot of leads for their owners. So why the extreme difference? Successful sites know that providing a great experience for visitors, complete with content that these digital home hunters want to see are critical. Successful agent websites are offering tools that help these home hunters along their journey. In turn these websites are rewarded with chance to sell home faster, for more money. They get more site visitors, better web indexing and better search ranking.

Studies tell us that on average people spend 1 to 2 minutes on a website. On average people spend three and a half to five minutes on an iGUIDE. This is more than double the average.

So here’s how we audit an agent or brokerage website. First we look to see if there’s an iGUIDE viewer, part of the listing presentation – either through a multimedia link or through embedded content. A multimedia iGUIDE link is good because the agent is sharing content with visitors. An embedded iGUIDE tour is much better for our clients and for us. It’s great for agents because it keeps shoppers on their listing, and more time on their website means better indexing,
better search ranking, more potential visitors. Whenever possible we encourage our clients to look at embedding content since it’s so much better for them.

When we’re done looking for the tours, we look for the floor plans. We check to make sure our clients are serving up our floor plans. We check to see if they’ve added them as images in the photo gallery, or added them as downloadable or PDF floor plan links. Either work, both are better.

We want to make sure both our iGUIDE tour and our floor plans are on our clients’ websites because we know they add value to the listing. Which makes us valuable to them, which keeps them coming back.

Future videos in this audit series we’ll talk about outreach through social media and other aspects. So, we encourage you to come on back. Thank you again for watching and don’t forget to click to subscribe to our channel.

Download our audit worksheet:
iGUIDE Audit
This is the iGUIDE Audit worksheet. This is what we use when we work with new iGUIDE pros to research their markets and build a roadmap for their success.

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