Real Estate Photography Building Blocks: iGUIDE Audit – Search Sites

Help your clients get the most from the iGUIDE

Building Blocks is about helping real estate photographers grow a successful business by gaining and retaining clients. Your success will come from your clients coming back to you every time they list a new property. You’ll achieve the success by becoming a valued member of their property marketing team.

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The iGUIDE audit is a tool we created to make sure our clients are getting value from the services we provide, and they’re using iGUIDE to its full potential. This part of the series is focused on online property search destinations like, and Zillow.

Research has been telling us for years that home hunters want to see floor plans, room measurements, photos and virtual tours when they’re searching for a home. in Canada had 264 million visitors last year who viewed more than 5.3 billion pages for an average 300,000 homes at any given time. To put this in context there’s only 37 million Canadians which means every single Canadian had to visit at least seven times last year and look at 143 different properties each.

If you’re selling a home in Canada and want to reach the maximum number of potential buyers is where you want to be. And with 299, 999 other homes to compete with how do you make your home stand out? This isn’t a trick, the answer is give the buyers what they want to see. The way to stand out is to offer home hunters what they want and make sure the search journey is easier. And that’s with iGUIDE.

In Canada, has offered home sellers who work with iGUIDE an incredible opportunity to stand out. They are embedding the iGUIDE virtual tour directly into listing pages and including direct links to our floor plans. is giving your clients a chance to stand above their competition, and it’s critical to your success that they’re taking full advantage.

In the US, search portals haven’t yet embraced our embedded content but they still offer external media links to iGUIDE. As part of the audit you want to make sure those links are there. If you don’t see the link, your client may have forgotten to add it, or they simply don’t know how. It’s your responsibility to make sure they’re aware it’s missing and help them add it.

In Canada, has direct links to our PDF floor plans which the search sites in the US don’t have yet. Instead, we’ve created floor plan images that your clients can add to their photo galleries. Make sure they know how to add floor plans to their property presentations since we know they’re so important to home hunters.

Search sites are a major part of the home hunter’s journey, and you’re creating the content that home hunters are looking for. If you want to be a part of the team and show value for the money your clients are spending on your services, it’s your responsibility to make sure your clients are using the tools that you provide.

Download our audit worksheet:
iGUIDE Audit
This is the iGUIDE Audit worksheet. This is what we use when we work with new iGUIDE pros to research their markets and build a roadmap for their success.

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