Real Estate Photography Building Blocks: iGUIDE Audit – Intro

Welcome to our new iGUIDE audit series. It’s generally thought that a happy customer is a loyal customer however a recent study conducted by NAR found that 85% of home sellers said they would use their realtor for the next time they sold a home. The sellers were happy – they said they would use the realtor again – they got what they were looking for, so why did only 25% of sellers actually use their agent again?

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The reason for the difference is in demonstrated value. Those happy customers didn’t reuse their agents because they didn’t see enough unique value to go back. As Real Estate photographers, our business is no different. If we’re not clearly demonstrating value we’re not likely to turn happy customers into repeat clients and our success relies on the ability to retain clients, while we win new ones.

It is important to clearly demonstrate your value to your clients, so they will stick with you while are growing and getting new ones. Make sure they understand your value to their whole business, from preparing the listing to handing over the keys.

When I talk about our marketing value, I often talk about three things: web, search, and social. Do my clients understand our value by using our services on their agents or brokerage website, the property search sites, in their social media?

The iGUIDE Audit videos are all about unlocking marketing value for your customers, so they become repeat clients. Check out the iGUIDE Audit downloadable document below so you can follow along with us throughout this series.

Download our Spreadsheet:
iGUIDE Audit
This is the iGUIDE Audit worksheet. This is what we use when we work with new iGUIDE pros to research their markets and build a roadmap for their success.

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