Real Estate Photography Building Blocks: Face to Face Marketing – Top Producers Presentations

Welcome back to our Building Blocks video series where Kevin Klages discusses winning strategies to help real estate photographers grow their businesses. This week Kevin continues our Direct Marketing theme by focussing on how to approach and crush a Top Producer Presentation to win more lucrative business.

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Nailing Top Producer Presentations
What iGUIDE Brings to the Table

We learned early on that iGUIDE offers Top Producing Agents and teams incredible value. In fact, iGUIDE offers this unique group even more value than our traditional client base.

For Top Producers, iGUIDE is an efficiency tool that enables sharing property information across a team’s agents, administrators, listing, and marketing coordinators. It’s a time and cost reducing tool that saves staff calls, emails, and extra trips to a property; for things like collecting measurements, gathering property details, and answering small questions about a space. iGUIDE is also a communication tool for a team’s frontline staff. It gives staff immediate access to property information that allows them to respond, in real time.

But finding occasions to engage with and win new business from Top Producers at trade shows and office presentations was often limited or non-existent. In order to win their business, we needed a different approach that aligned more closely with their business and their needs.

Winning Top Producing agents and teams became a cornerstone in our initial success and is just as important to many of our most successful iGUIDE teams. Read on for some of our top tips for winning Top Producers’ business.

Tip #1: Be Persistent

We once read that it would take five to eight calls before scoring a meeting with a potential client. So to manage the foreseeable frustration, make a game of it. Visualize a set of monkey bars. Your job is to keep your momentum up to get from call one to call eight without falling or getting knocked off.

Everytime you call ensure that you get the “Gatekeepers” name and consistently use it when talking to them. Introduce yourself, explain the purpose of the call, and ask to speak with the decision-maker. This is usually when their gatekeeper mode will kick in and you will likely hear; “They’re busy”, “They’re out”, or “They’re in a meeting”. This is your opportunity to respond with “That’s fine, We can try back on Wednesday”. Consistently let them know that you will be trying again and when.

The strategy is creating a reason and an excuse for calling back. Ask if you could send some examples of what you do, in advance of your next call. Then when you call back, you can start by asking if they or the decision-maker had had a chance to look at what was sent over. Each time be sure to send something different about iGUIDE; looking for the one thing that will resonate.

For example, there’s a team in Kitchener, Ontario, who was listing around 150 properties per year and we really wanted their business. Carol was their listing coordinator and she would answer the phone every time. Our calls became so friendly that she would recognize our number and greet me by name. For most of the calls, we were friendly. But as the gatekeeper, she would not let me through!

Every time Carol and I spoke, I would learn something new about their team and I’d file that information away, planning to use it when I finally got to the decision-maker. On or about our sixth call, Carol was in a rush because she had a bunch of listings to process and still had to run out and measure a home. I told her iGUIDE does the measuring for her, for every listing. We could send her all her measurements when the iGUIDE was complete and save her countless hours per week.

I must have explained this to her a bunch of times, but in this moment, this feature became invaluable and I had my meeting with the decision-maker within the week.

And within two weeks we were doing all the new listings for that team.

It took persistence to continue through Carol’s rejection. But, I knew that this team was worth the investment and I knew I could help them. And it paid off incredibly. This became an investment I made time and again as we added top producer after top producer to our client roster.

Tip #2: Be Prepared

Before you make that first call to a Carol, do your homework. Know what that team is doing today and make some assumptions. Use the calls to the gatekeeper to either prove those assumptions correct or help make better ones.

You need to be certain about how you can make their business better and more profitable. Do not expect a successful real estate business to respond to a “Me Too Proposal”. Fortunately, for an iGUIDE Pro, you have the ‘better’ tool and can do better for potential clients.

Once you get into that elusive first face-to face meeting, show them you’ve done your homework. That you respect their business enough to invest time into learning about their business model and clearly define how you think you can help. Don’t presume to know how you can help, simply offer your educated assumptions.

At the end of your Top Producer Presentations, it’s a great idea to offer them the opportunity to try iGUIDE at no cost and with no risk attached. Top Producers are risk averse when it comes to their listings, because they have so much invested in their brand and their reputation.

When you offer the Top Producer a complete iGUIDE service for their next listing, also urge them to continue ordering from their current service provider as well, just in case they aren’t happy with what you create. Although I’m confident that they’d love your services, this suggestion takes away the risk and gives them an exact A/B comparison between your services and their current services; which I know you would win.

Once you deliver the iGUIDE, you can run an iGUIDE Audit and go through it with them, to make sure they clearly understood all the value you bring and show your high level of service, support and invested interest in their success.

These are a couple of the winning techniques we consistently use for winning Top Producer business.

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