Real Estate Photography Building Blocks: Face to Face Marketing – Office Presentations

It’s time for another edition of our Building Blocks video series. This week Kevin Klages discusses office presentations and highlights why they should have a starring role in your direct marketing strategy when you’re focused on growing your real estate photography business.

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Office Presentations Make Good Business Sense

We often meet brokerage owners, team trainers, marketers, and office managers who ask us to come in and present iGUIDE to their agents. We always welcome the chance to travel around North America, working with local iGUIDE professionals, holding office, agent, and team presentations for three primary reasons.

  1. We know that iGUIDE is legitimately helping realtors be better at their jobs. We’re giving them the tools to win more listings, set their listings apart from their competition, and make their work more efficient.
  2. Office presentations get our local teams excited about doing their own presentations. A lot of photographers we meet don’t want to be salespeople and when they see themselves as educators, not sales people, they see the inherent worth of effective office presentations.
  3. These presentations help our local iGUIDE teams grow their business. Every presentation we do, means more work for our local team.

Jim, who leads an iGUIDE team recently told us that he would have started doing presentations a lot earlier, had he known how easy they were and how much business he can generate from them.

It’s All About Strategy

In the beginning, we noticed a trend. Regardless of how many people attended, one in every five attendees became an iGUIDE customer. If there were five people in the room, we would get one new customer. If there were 30 people, we would get six new customers. Since we knew that one in five people who came to our presentation became customers, our goal was to get as many warm bums in those chairs as we could. More bums meant more new customers.

There were times when only five people to show up and we realized that this was more a result of the announcements and invitations, than our topic. Often times if an announcement was sent out at all, it was last minute, generic, boring, and stuffed in with a whole lot of other information. People skimmed over the announcement about our presentation.

So we took ownership of the announcements and media posts on behalf of the office. We now make every effort to ensure we get the maximum return for our invested time by:

  • Creating dynamic email invitations for offices to forward agents, a week and then again, a day before the presentation.
  • Developing social posts for the offices to share with their network, which makes their life easier and makes them look better at the same time.

The reward from this increased effort was clear.  More bums in chairs!

There’s Nothing a Donut Can’t Do!

On the day of a presentation, we always bring some treats for the front desk team, such as muffins or donuts. Another important lesson for real estate photographers, is to value the influence of the administrative staff. If we schedule a breakfast, lunch, or happy hour session in an office, we will fix the administrative staff something and take it out or invite them in to grab something before the guests arrive.

This kind gesture helps with our presentations in many ways. It gains us fast access to the wifi password so we can start loading up web pages and also get connected to the projector or tv. Most importantly, they share news of our visit with other people in the office. They help to put a few more bums in chairs.

Presenting With Confidence

When it comes time to present, a bit of stage fright can set in. It’s natural. It happens to the most experienced speakers.

To create a positive mindset that helps to deliver a great presentation, just count the attendees, then divide by five. Focus on the one in five people who are your future customers-in-waiting. Don’t ignore the other four, but direct your presentation to those customers-in-waiting.

Now just treat the next 30 minutes or so, as an opportunity to explain iGUIDE to that customer and show them how you will help them to:

  • Win their next listing
  • Market the property
  • Save them and their sellers time during closing
  • And overall make their business more efficient

Treat these people like they’re already your customers. Make it a foregone conclusion so you don’t need to sell them. What you need to do, is show customers how to get the maximum value from your services.

This mindset helps take away the pressure from trying to sell and creates a more relaxed atmosphere for you and the attendees. Try it, it works.

We strongly encourage you to make office presentations a part of your business building program. Like trade shows, there is no better place than an office presentation to grow your client roster and business.

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