Real Estate Photography Building Blocks: Know your Customers – Introduction

What tools are you using to better understand your customers? We’re going to kick off a new topic here on our Building Blocks series focused on how to pull all the information you need out of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) Annual Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers Report. Using this crucial source of industry knowledge, we’ll show you how grow your real estate photography business!

Welcome back to Building Blocks, where we share our useful strategies for growing your real estate photography business.

With this episode, we’re beginning a new series called – Know Your Customers.

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Over the next four episodes we’ll be focusing on four chapters in the National Association of Realtors (NAR), Annual Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers Report:

  • The Home Search Process
  • Home Buying and Real Estate Professionals
  • The Home Selling Experience
  • Home Selling and Real Estate Professionals

We’ll talk about the survey results and share how you can relate these customer findings to your real estate photography business.

We suggest that you read the report (link below to get it) for yourself and follow along during the next four episodes and apply this knowledge in your business.

To frame this and the next four conversations, consider Mercedes. When we think of Mercedes, we picture luxury cars. Mercedes is over one hundred and thirty years old. They didn’t stumble into a business with a rich history and a brand that conjures images of quality and luxury without having formidable products and an exceptional reputation among customers.

Mercedes knows their customers; their needs and their wants.

You should reach for the same level of success for your real estate photography businesses. Aspire to exceptional quality, formidable services, and an incredible understanding of our customers; their needs and their wants.

When we talk about our customers, we are talking about home buyers and sellers who use our services.

Just as Mercedes sells its cars to dealers, we sell our services to realtors. Realtors are our clients, as the dealers are for Mercedes. Like Mercedes, who creates their products and innovations for customers, the people who buy and drive their vehicles; we are creating and tooling our services and innovations for our customers; the home buyers and sellers.

We reach our customers through our realtor clients in the same way that Mercedes reaches car buyers through their dealers.

Mercedes invests tremendous dollars and resources into gaining insights into their customers’ behaviours and experiences, so they know how to market their vehicles to their customers.

You may not have the dollars and resources of Mercedes, but fortunately every year NAR gives us a great start to understanding our customers.

For nearly 40 years NAR has been surveying and analysing buyers and sellers from all across America. NAR gives us insights into buyers’ and sellers behaviours and experiences leading up to, during and after the important transaction of buying and selling a home.

The NAR Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers Report keeps us up to date with the trends and evolution of the home buying and selling process that we can then apply to our businesses and speak directly to the needs and wants of our customers.

If you are a member of NAR, you can purchase this valuable tool for only $20 and we’ll be sharing a link below for you to order your own copy of the Home Buyers and Sellers Report.

*Note that we don’t have any vested interest and don’t receive any kickback from your order. We just know it’s an amazing source of information and use it ourselves. –

Thank you for watching and stay tuned for future videos in our Know Your Customer series.