Real Estate Photography Building Blocks: Know your Customers – Home Selling & the Real Estate Professional

This is the final episode in our Know Your Customers series. Today, we’re discussing chapter seven of the 2018 NAR Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers Report – Home Sellers and the Real Estate Professional. To access the report for yourself, just click on here and then select “Buy Full Report”.

**Please note that we do not receive any financial advantage through the sales of the report. We are just suggesting it as an effective vehicle for keeping up to date on the latest trends in Real Estate.

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The people who pay your bills are the realtors who work with sellers and list homes. Your services help prepare, market, and sell homes, so your business comes from sellers and new listings.

We suggest that you use the knowledge you gain from the NAR Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers Report to better position your services to your clients, and help those clients better position themselves to their customers.

Chapter seven is the most important chapter because year-after-year it gives clear proof that every real estate professional who lists a home, should use our services. This chapter will help you get into the mindset of the end user so you can better position your services to your clients.

Exhibit 7.7 illustrates what sellers want most from real estate professionals. When a potential home seller is sitting across the dining table from a realtor who wants to help them sell their home, this is the internal checklist that is running through their minds.

The top 5 things home sellers want are:

  1. sellers want their realtor to market their home to potential buyers
  2. sellers want help pricing their home
  3. sellers want to sell their home within their specified time frame
  4. sellers want suggestions to help their home sell for more money
  5. sellers want help negotiating with buyers and managing the paperwork

If we were a real estate professional, which we are not, we know that these are the five questions in the seller’s mind that need to be answered, better than any other agent, if we wanted to win that listing.

More than any other service a real estate agent offers, sellers want them to market their home to potential buyers. The fundamentals of marketing are really simple: Marketing is about satisfying the wants of the buyer. For real estate professionals to effectively market a home to potential buyers, they need to satisfy the wants of home buyers.

And what is it home buyers want?

Great news, we know this too, because chapter three already told us that when shopping for a home:

  • Buyers want to see photos. Details like – room measurements and area calculations.
  • Buyers want to see floor plans and they want to see virtual tours.

If you were able to only give one reason to a realtor as to why they should use iGUIDE and your photography services, this is it; you are giving sellers what they want, by giving buyers what they want and there is nobody on the planet that can do this better than you can.

Of all the wonderful insights in the report that you can use to help grow your business and your clients to grow theirs, this is the most compelling reason. You are helping real estate professionals give their home sellers what they value most.

Sellers also want help pricing their home competitively and selling within their time frame.
We help with that too. We have studied home sales data across every different price category and compared homes sold with iGUIDEs to homes sold with just photos, and homes sold with other virtual tour technologies and across every price category. Impressively homes with iGUIDE sold faster and for more money than everything else.

As a professional iGUIDE service provider, you can help your clients deliver on the top three things their sellers want from them, so they can focus on the other things sellers want, that will set them apart; which will create a more satisfying experience and lead to more referrals and repeat business.

Ladies and gentlemen, our professional services are complex, but our value proposition is not.

Reading and understanding this NAR Report gives us the facts and figures that sell our services for us. We just need to get this information out there. So consider adding in some of these stats and trends to your next discussion with a potential client and see how the power of numbers help to demonstrate your value.