Every real estate photographer has their preferred camera gear that they use to complete their work. Let’s explore my real estate photography camera bag and I’ll explain what I carry and why. When shooting for Real Estate I usually provide a 3D tour, floorplans, photos, and sometimes video, so I need to have a set of tools to suit Real Estate clients’ needs.

camera bag
The basics: DSLR + wide angle lens + normal lens

I use a Nikon D750 and typically pair that with the Nikon 14-24mm lens when shooting regular still images for real estate. It’s a great combo for getting a very wide field of view and excellent dynamic range. Real Estate photos usually require a wide angle lens of some sort but I settled on the 14-24. I tried the Nikon 16-35mm but I felt it wasn’t wide enough. I also carry a Nikon 50mm lens for occasional detail shots that may benefit from shallow depth of field.  A good example might be an appliance, a faucet, or any small detail.

Occasional video: Action cam + gimbal

I rarely do walkthrough videos but it’s handy to have one handy when the need arises.  I use a Karma Grip with a GoPro attached. This combo is a fast and easy way to create some smooth footage. I have a gimbal that I could use with my DSLR but it’s too heavy and bulky to carry around regularly.

photographer with 360 camera
For fun: 360 camera and a selfie stick

The insta 360 One X is a really fun camera to use. It can create 360 degree images as well as 360 video.  It really shines when capturing 360 video which is later converted to regular 1080p video. Because it captures in 360 degrees you don’t have to worry about composition.  Composition is done after the fact in software. I don’t use it for anything practical but it’s fun for making content for social media.

camera backpack
What about the bag itself?

The bag I’m currently using is a Lowepro ProTactic BP 350 AW II with a few modifications. I’ve removed the waist belt and added a shotgun scabbard to hold a selfie stick. It’s compact yet still has plenty of space.

Odds and Ends:

There are a few odds and ends that I carry around with me at all times. I highly recommend you add these items to your bag.

  • Batteries + chargers – You can never have enough power.
  • Flashlight – You never know when you won’t be able to find a light switch.
  • Cloths + blower – These are so important to keep your images flawless and avoid long editing times at home when you find dust spots.
  • Spirit level – I lose these all the time.
  • Quick release plates – I keep a few spares just in case.
  • Small audio recorder & lavalier mic – If an agent asks for a quick interview video, you want to be prepared.
  • SD cards – Extra storage for redundancy.
  • Audio and USB cables – To connect and charge devices.

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