Follow along with me to see the experience of shooting an iGUIDE. Experience what it’s actually like and why it’s a great tool for professional photographers.

The property featured in this video is just over 3200 sq ft and it took about 20 minutes to capture. There is a timer in the bottom right hand corner to help better illustrate the time required to shoot. The footage is sped up to fit the entire shoot into a short video and slowed down when there’s something interesting happening. There is also a floor plan that shows the photographer’s movements.

The iGUIDE camera or IMS-5 camera works by measuring every space in the home. So if you aren’t super familiar with virtual tours, that literally means that I’m going to walk into every single space in the home and scan it with the camera system.

  • It takes less than 20 seconds to scan a single room or space.
  • You can place the camera wherever you like as long as you have a clear view of the room.
  • You can go in whatever order you like to avoid obstacles such as; people, pets, or rooms that aren’t ready yet, and so on.
  • Measure objects over 30 feet in all directions.
  • The camera isn’t fussy about changes in the environment. I can open and close doors as much as I like.
  • The whole open concept space can be captured with just one scan and that’s what I would do if I just wanted floor plans, but I prefer to have more scans to make a really immersive virtual tour.
  • I don’t have to leave the room because if I stay behind the camera, I won’t appear in any of the images. 
  • You can edit the camera out of the images in Photoshop, but that’s extra work that I’d like to avoid.
  • You don’t have to mark the mirrors or do anything special. The iGUIDE Drafting team will figure it out for you.
  • Stairs are also easy. They don’t require anything special but they must be visible in at least one panorama so the iGUIDE Drafting team can draw them on the floor plans.
  • While we’re on the topic of the iGUIDE Drafting team. They are amazing and I’m not just saying that because they work in the office next door to mine. They work very hard to deliver floor plans the day following the shoot. They will also automatically label all rooms on the floor plans for you.
  • You control what people see on the tour.

As you can see from the timer, the shoot took about 20 minutes to complete. In total, about 30 scans were captured, with an average distance between each separate scan of about 15 feet. If the client wasn’t interested in the virtual tour and only wanted floor plans, the property could have been captured in even less time by turning off the HDR and making fewer scans.