What makes a consumer choose you as their real estate agent when there are literally thousands of options? Is it because you work for a large international firm or have your name plastered on every bus stop? The real reason is that you are the one who can provide the most benefit to both the seller and the buyer on their real estate journey.

With over 5 million homes selling annually what is it that makes you the Realtor® of choice? Here are the top 8 things that make you stand out. Do you have all these qualities?

Knowledge of the Market

To help the seller understand what is happening in the market you are prepared with facts and figures. You are familiar with all the houses in their area currently listed for sale and have done a CMA on recently sold properties to have an understanding of the current value of their home. You come equipped with the knowledge of comparable square footage calculations and a great real estate marketing plan. Getting the seller’s house to market requires using proptech tools like virtual tours and interactive floor plans and these are part of your real estate marketing strategy.

real estate agent market research

Tech Savvy

Email and text messages are not the only technology you need. The real estate industry is rapidly changing and embracing multiple forms of proptech to enrich your real estate marketing strategies. 80% of consumers rely on the internet to search for things like virtual tours when seeking out a potential home. It is important that you offer tech solutions to showcase your listings. When you use 360° tours and floor plans these cause the buyer to interact with a property longer and help sellers get their home sold quickly.

Expert Communicator

Real estate requires a whole lot of communication. You provide information on the seller’s property through a variety of methods including 3D tours and real estate photography, along with social media posts and advertising. The key is to translate the value of a home so that buyers can easily understand and make an emotional connection. The more comfortable a buyer feels about a home, the better equipped they are to consider writing an offer. As the real estate agent, you seamlessly communicate information to the consumer throughout the entire transaction.


Trust is an important factor when it comes to getting chosen as a real estate agent. How do you form trust with the consumer? Building your brand to represent who you are showcases your expertise and skills instilling trust. Listening to your seller and responding with solutions to their concerns reassures them. One of the biggest concerns is how quickly you can sell their home. When you provide tools like real estate floor plans, engaging virtual tours and virtual showings you highlight the property’s value helping it sell faster. Be truthful and realistic about value when listing or selling a property to avoid overpricing or under-pricing a home.

real estate agent client relationship

Awesome Negotiation Skills

The ability to confidently negotiate the terms of a real estate transaction is one of the qualities home buyers and sellers are looking for in their Realtor®. You are hired to facilitate the deal, work through the terms and conditions, and ultimately arrive at a mutually agreeable price. Whether you are listing or selling a property you know how to evaluate the price based on square footage calculations, real estate floor plans, and comparable homes. When an issue arises, you know how to handle it before it becomes a problem.


You are a people person. Real estate marketing and sales are your passion. You take every opportunity to connect with the consumer on a variety of levels. Not every person you interact with is ready to jump into the market. As a real estate professional, you instinctively know how to network, nurture relationships, and have multiple contacts. Delighting the consumer with everything from highlighting room dimensions to community walk-scores gets you excited. Your great personality and a can-do attitude shine through.


Nobody wants to have to track down their real estate agent to answer all their burning questions about what is happening with a listing. When the consumer needs answers, you are ready with information. Quick replies to voicemail, email, and text messages let the consumer know you are there for them. As a great problem solver, you can give good advice on everything from choosing the best real estate photography to offering a list of qualified professionals for home inspections or legal services. If you don’t know something, you know how to get the answers fast.


Helping the consumer on their real estate journey is one of the main reasons a real estate agent is chosen. They look to you for answers and rely on your professional advice to guide them through the largest transaction in their life. There is a vast amount of legal paperwork involved for both the listing and the selling process. As a seasoned professional with substantial experience, you confidently explain the details of each contract and know how to protect the consumer’s interest. Guiding them through every step of the way not only frees up their time but it helps the whole journey end in the desired result.

If you want the consumer to choose you as their real estate agent the choice is really up to you. When you strengthen your skills, add new ones, and use proptech along the way, the votes are in your favour when it comes to people’s choice. No awards show necessary.

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