Scott Bruck

Edmonton, Alberta

Scott Bruck is a really busy photographer. No we mean REALLY busy. He and his fellow real estate photographer company owners of PREPTours are dominating their markets and reaping the benefits of their unusual, but highly successful, business model! Read on to see how he juggles traditional Real Estate Photography with the demands of mentoring new photographers, and running a business.

Edmonton-based Company Building Team of Real Estate Photographers Across Canada Using iGUIDE

The iGUIDE camera is at the centre of big expansion plans for

The Edmonton-based real estate photography business already has 20 iGUIDE cameras and will be buying more.

With photographers in Vancouver, Kelowna, Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Lethbridge, Regina, and Saskatoon, the company plans to expand into Winnipeg next and eventually, across the country.

PREPTours has a unique business model, with an ownership group consisting of several photographers (including Scott) and Jeff Michaud, a real estate industry veteran with 15 years as a licensed agent and 5 years as a Re/Max owner.

As it expands, Scott helps the new photographers up their game and gets them using iGUIDE cameras. “The iGUIDE camera immediately sets them apart from the competition,” says Scott.

Back in 2017, the Residential Measurement Standard came into effect across Alberta. Every residence on the market must be measured in the same way. There is little room for error—two percent, in fact.

So PREPTours bought two iGUIDE cameras, which quickly take laser-accurate measurements for the floor plans, room dimensions, and square footage calculations.

To convince new photographers that the investment is worth it, Scott tells them his story.

Back then Scott was taking still pictures and some video for his clients. Before using the iGUIDE, Scott booked another person on the PREPTours team to also come and measure the property.

That all changed with iGUIDE.

It takes an extra 15 to 20 minutes per house to take the measurements using an iGUIDE camera, and his fee increased by up to 80 per cent. He paid off the iGUIDE Camera in less than a year.

On top of that, Scott’s clients loved the all-in-one service iGUIDE enabled.

“They were so thankful for that, one single booking, I could do it all. It increased the value of my time on site. I now had, technically, five different services I could offer—photos, measurements, floor plans, walk-through, and video,” says Scott.

Realtors receive an email the next day with the iGUIDE package attached. It includes floor plans, measurements, virtual tours, and 360° virtual tours. It is compatible with laptops, desktops, and smartphones. It is integrated seamlessly with MLS. Links can be shared on social media, too.

“I think the iGUIDE will change the industry,” says Scott.

When Scott started using an iGUIDE camera it was in May 2017. He had set a personal goal to photograph 100 properties that month. In the middle of that month, he learned how to use an iGUIDE camera, hit his target, and never looked back.

“I did my online training. I iGUIDEd my home. I iGUIDEd my photo studio and just started offering it to the clients. It was actually a pretty easy transition,” says Scott.

“Once I got it in my hands and turned it on and did a couple of shoots on my own, I was good to go,” says Scott.

Scott does 600 to 800 shoots a year. He would like to bring that down a little and spend more time coaching new photographers on the PREPTours team and show them how to improve their game. PREPtours gets the iGUIDE camera into the photographers’ hands and partners with their business by helping them focus on photography. PREPtours also hosts closed a Facebook discussion group, has a monthly webinar for their team, as well as provides one-on-one coaching.

“The goal for 2020, is we want to double our business, we want to get more real estate photographers, we want to get the iGUIDE into their hands, and help grow their business,” says Scott.

The software platform that supports the iGUIDE IMS-5 camera ensures the photos, video, floor plans, and measurements are delivered to the realtor at the start of the next day. The back-end team even works on Saturdays. This quick turnaround is essential in the always-on world of real estate.

“Because when the realtor goes to list the property, usually the photography is the last thing they have done. Sometimes the sign is already out there. They have had painters through, touch-ups done, decluttering, cleaners, stagers, and they want the photographer in there at the last possible moment when the house is completely how they want it, and how they want it shown, how they want it marketed, and then they expect the photos quickly,” says Scott.

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