Every Realtor has a story to tell and you are no different. You could write books about amazing homes, first time buyer jitters, nightmare listings, and dream contracts. But as a real estate professional, how do you translate all your experiences into attracting clients?

Finding the perfect way to obtain leads is a challenge. You want prospective clients to come to you for advice on floor plans, financing, and the fundamentals of real estate transactions. Building trust by providing quality information and sharing your experiences are the best ways to attract new business. How do you advertise your knowledge and skills?

Old school real estate marketing used to get your foot in the door. However, opening doors today requires a continual online presence. Prospective real estate investors want to know they can rely on you to provide them with solid information based on a winning track record. They want a lot of information and they want it now. Get your messages across by building a regular blog.

Your Home Buyer Clients Will Thank You

Realtor blogs build your connection with buyers. Remember the time you sold a home to that nervous first-time buyer? A half dozen visits to the property were required before writing the offer. Every visit had a new question, a new fear, and a longing to know what happens next. Now, the same kind of buyer can enjoy those repeated visits through 3D tours and get their questions answered through your blog. Writing about your experiences lets you share the information your buyer is seeking.

You build trust by providing buyers with the answers to their questions before they commit to your Realtor services. It’s all about providing useful knowledge demonstrating much-needed transparency in the process. Explain initial deposits and financing, the importance of proper measurements and floor plans, and help your potential client grasp the undertaking of buying a home. Plus a blog provides a way for you to showcase your personality and resourcefulness by writing what you know.

What About the Sellers?

Blogging about nightmare listings you have seen helps your seller to understand the importance of presenting a property well. Be truthful about the feedback you received from those scary listings you’ve happened upon. It is never a good thing to open a door, be met with the wafting smell of dog feces, and be greeted by the perpetrators. True story! Clutter, junk, and debris do not positively manifest into presentable listings.

Online is Always On

Knock, Knock. Who’s there? It’s just you, the local Realtor, canvassing for listings in the neighborhood. Introducing yourself door to door, is a daunting task with minimal results. Engaging with potential clients requires more than just a ten-second introduction at their doorway. Let your clients come to you… ONLINE.

Your webpage is your virtual business card and a Realtor blog is your billboard. Adding to it regularly keeps both buyers and sellers coming back for information and unlocks a world of sales opportunities. Sharing engaging unique stories about your experiences educates the reader. It gives them time to get to know you and trust your expertise. Online is all the time and  your clients will be searching for information about you at all hours and any day of the week.

A Blog Also Supports Your Website

Over 90% of buyers start their search for property online. What are they looking for? Information.

Google and other search engines rank your web pages based on content. Interesting, informative, good content helps you get to the top of the list. Why is this important? Engagement transforms into potential leads.

All your good advice and entertaining stories tell Google to recommend you in a Realtor search. Ranking on the first results page means leads are just a click away from your website. Once the leads get there, and the longer they spend perusing your blogs, the faster your website ranking grows. It’s like watering a flower, if you want it to grow you have to provide food. If you want a garden, you have to fertilize. Feeding your leads with high quality blogs help them blossom into future clients.

If you’re dreaming about the ideal client, an amazing listing opportunity, and ultimately a sold sign with your name on it, start blogging. The three billboards on the local highway aren’t working like they used to.