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Kassandra Deguire lost her job as a Digital Marketing professional in 2020. After a few months without work, she realized that she could leverage her solid marketing background and start her own business in the real estate photography industry. 

“I lost my job due to the pandemic for seven months after which I decided to get into real estate photography,” – says Kassandra, now an owner of a successful company called She Shoots 3D Tours

By October 2020, Kassandra had launched her brand-new company of one person as a real estate photographer. She quickly became a one-stop-shop provider for her clients. She Shoots 3D Tours now provides HDR photography, videography, aerial photography, as well as 3D tours, floor plans, and even accurate square footage measurements using iGUIDE technology

“I learned a big chunk of my skills from YouTube and iGUIDE training materials,” – says Kassandra. Dedication and determination quickly brought about the results, which exceeded all expectations. 

“My first month as an iGUIDE Service Provider was so busy that I had to hire a photographer right away.” Looking into the near future, Kassandra plans to hire two more photographers to meet the growing demand.

When Kassandra was planning her business and working on her numbers, she estimated that she would be creating approximately 8 to 10 iGUIDEs per month. However, she ended up making over 80 iGUIDE a month!It was a “slight” miscalculation that Kassandra didn’t mind at all. 

iGUIDE is the solution that enables photographers to provide 3D tours, colour-coded floor plans, and laser-accurate square footage measurements as part of their service. The technology is renowned in the market due to its speed of scanning the properties and its high level of accuracy when it comes to doing measurements and floor plans.

Many iGUIDE operators have witnessed a substantial jump in demand by mid-2020. Superior quality of 3D tours, floor plans, and the availability of tools like Virtual Showing together with stay-at-home orders worldwide led to the emergence of new phenomena on the market called blind offers. Many buyers have written their offers without seeing the property in person. 

She Shoots 3D Tours is currently operating both in Kingston and Brockville, Ontario. From time to time, they also travel outside city limits to service their clients. 

Kingston’s real estate market is one of the hottest markets in Canada at the moment. It was traditionally considered to be an affordable area for those who do not want to invest in a heated Greater Toronto Area. However, with the tightening housing supply and a strong surge in demand, Kingston might be one of the most expensive cities in Ontario to invest in. 

Kassandra thinks that she might expand her team’s presence in other cities as more and more agents fall in love with the service she provides. 

“90% of our work involves iGUIDE,” – says Kassandra. She first started using other 3D tour solutions, but as soon as she invested in her first iGUIDE camera, she experienced colossal growth. The majority of the real estate agents in the area know and choose iGUIDE to market their listings. 

When starting a business, Kassandra was preparing to spend a lot of time on marketing activities to get her iGUIDE business up and running. However, when she contacted the iGUIDE team, she found out that many of the essential tools and resources were already provided to her for free. Therefore, she did not need to create everything herself.

In addition, she was astonished to see that she didn’t have to put too much effort into marketing. Instead, her iGUIDE camera was marketing itself as many real estate agents already knew the value of the technology. 

Today, iGUIDE provides a variety of tools to its service providers that are designed to help them attract new clients. From Service Provider Map where real estate agents might find an iGUIDE provider locally to Marketing Catalogue and Master Classes where operators can find the materials and  knowledge to market their businesses. 

Even though all the iGUIDE photographers are operating as independent businesses and are responsible for getting their own clients, many find the support from the iGUIDE team invaluable. 

“iGUIDE markets itself, so I don’t have to do any marketing” – was the last comment from Kassandra.

Kassandra DeGuire

Kingston, Ontario

Kassandra DeGuire is a real estate photographer from Kingston who is  a Swiss army knife of creativity. She understands the importance of offering different options for current and potential clients. By leveraging iGUIDE Kassandra has been able to build a very successful real estate photography business.

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