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What options are available to edit?

Title The title identifies the property and is usually the address. It will be displayed on the splash screen for a few seconds, as well as at the top of the screen when viewing the tour. The title will also be used to identify the property when sharing to social media. Expiration Date This [...]


What will it look like when in use?

When the link to the tour is loaded, the first image in the gallery will be displayed with a title overtop for several seconds before transitioning to the photo slideshow. Clicking on the splash screen image will also trigger the transition. Photos and other media can then be viewed when individually clicked on.


What is iGUIDE photos

iGUIDE Photos is a platform used to share images and other information online. It uses the same technology as the iGUIDE, iGUIDE User Portal, and iGUIDE Report and Analytics. It is a fast and easy way to deliver photos and also includes many of the features of the iGUIDE.