The IMS-5 measures the distance to walls with 1cm uncertainty out to 10 meters (30 ft) distance. 

The measurement uncertainty on floor plans is 0.5% or better and the resulting uncertainty of computed square footage is 1% or better.

iGUIDE uses time-of-flight laser scanning technology with thousands of laser points per second versus a single laser point, used by handheld laser distance meters.

iGUIDE measurement method is summarized here. iGUIDE method essentially follows the Alberta Residential Measurement Standard (RMS) which currently is the most comprehensive standard in North America. Alberta RMS is based on ANSI Z765-2013 standard for single-family houses and extends it to condos and apartments in multi-family residential buildings.

Both Alberta RMS (residential measurement standard) and BOMA (commercial space measurement standard) call for maximum allowed measurement uncertainty of 2% when reporting square footage measurements. iGUIDE technology meets and exceeds these requirements.