How accurate is the iGUIDE camera system?

The IMS-5 measures the distance to walls with 1cm uncertainty out to 10 meters (30 ft) distance.  The measurement uncertainty on floor plans is 0.5% or better and the resulting uncertainty of computed square footage is 1% or better. iGUIDE uses time-of-flight laser scanning technology with thousands of laser points per second versus a single [...]

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Can I return the camera?

Our return policy: Customer may return, at the expense of Customer, the first System ever purchased by Customer from Planitar within 30 days of the date of the original shipment provided that the System is in the original packaging and all shipping instructions provided by Planitar are followed. For clarity: (i) no returns are possible [...]

What else is needed besides the camera?

You will need a tripod with a sturdy ball head and a tablet or phone (5-7″ screen size is optimal). We recommend a tripod that is able to hold 10 lbs or more and be slim enough so that it doesn’t appear in the panoramic images. You will also need a Windows or Apple computer [...]


How does the camera work?

Spatial data is collected with the laser scanner and the space is mapped while shooting panoramas and walking with the camera. The camera produces 3-shot panoramas by being manually rotated into three positions spaced 120 degrees for every panorama. Visit iGUIDE Technology Videos for more information on the process.