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Ed Bermudez

Guilford, Connecticut

As the head of Rise Visual Media, a photography and videography business that serves clients all over Connecticut, Ed Bermudez was busy even before he offered iGUIDE. It wasn’t until a potential client insisted that he had to offer iGUIDE that Ed’s story really takes off. Read on to see why drone, photography, and videos were the perfect services to combine with iGUIDE and the unexpected result that came from happy clients who now hire Ed for fun, interesting, and lucrative side jobs outside of real estate photography.

Real Estate Photography Business Booms With iGUIDE,
Leading to Lucrative Sidelines

As the head of a photography and videography business that serves clients all over Connecticut, Ed Bermudez is busy.

Ed started using iGUIDE cameras in February, 2019. The impact on his business was immediate. The technology produces better products much faster than the competition.

An unexpected result came from happy clients who now hire Ed for fun, interesting, and lucrative side jobs outside of real estate photography.

About three years ago Ed was a busy construction engineer earning a good salary. He was not passionate about the work though. But he was intrigued by the spectacular video produced by cameras on drones.

So, he started Shoreline Drones.

He produced beautiful videos of ocean-front properties with large, gorgeous homes. Ed liked the technology, creativity, and the ability to work for himself. The brokers, agents, and property owners liked his worked too. So, they asked for more.

Could he take pictures inside the homes? How about floor plans? He hired staff and bought more equipment. Ed rebranded as Rise Visual Media.

Ed B

After three years, he now leads a team of four full-time employees doing real estate photography, corporate work, and events.

Ed was creating floor plans by hand using a pen and paper and farmed out the final drafting. When the plans came back, he was often making corrections and tweaks in-between photo-shoots.

“If I got a drawing back and it said, ‘master bedroom’ and it wasn’t really the master bedroom, then it was just an extra step. Instead of me being able to deliver it, I then had to tweak it, but I would have been onsite or shooting photos, I was already doing something else.  Even if it was a simple task it was kind of annoying,” says Ed.

In February 2019, a very successful real estate agent contacted Ed. He liked what Rise Visual Media was doing. He wanted to retain Ed’s business to do all his real estate photography. There was one condition– the agent insisted Rise Visual Media had to use iGUIDE.

The agent told Ed why.

With a turn-around time of 24 hours, iGUIDE was faster than the competition. It produces floor plans and measurements using a built-in laser. The square-footage measurements are very accurate. It provides 3D virtual tours of every room. In short, it produces a superior product that helps properties sell quicker.

“He basically told me that if I wanted to be his guy, I needed to buy an iGUIDE, that’s what got me into it,” he says.

So, Ed bought two iGUIDE cameras and started using the technology in February 2019. The increase in business paid for the technology within a few months.

“I think it’s great. I think it’s very accurate and it’s really quick. Faster than what I was doing previously,” says Ed.

He’s found that the support team at iGUIDE also saves him time.

“The floor plans look good, I like that there are different colors for each room, I like that you can tell the Drafters are pretty knowledgeable because they don’t just call a room a room. They will say: ‘This is the den, this the recreation room.’ They know what they are talking about, which is nice.”

Ed says the iGUIDE floor plans are extremely valuable.

“And I always communicate that to the customer, and because of that I was selling a lot of iGUIDEs. I am telling people it is important to have on their listing. If they don’t have it on their listing, they are not doing all they can to sell the place.”

furniture and table

Rise Visual Media charges more for the iGUIDEs, so revenues increased. The firm’s success in real estate photography led to new business—photographing high-end cars, yachts, and even a private jet. This was both unexpected and welcome.

Ed is going to train more photographers so he can do more of the videography.

“And that gives me more freedom to get into bigger stuff, and more enjoyable stuff from my point of view. More events, more small business videos, corporate videos, things like that, promotional stuff,” says Ed. “I started getting into high end cars.”

One of the car owners was so impressed that he asked if Ed could do photos and video of his yacht? The easy answer was “No problem.”

“And I am going to start shooting private jets,” says Ed. “So, there is a lot of stuff that opened up.”

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