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  • Levco Builders Customer Success Story

Levco Builder’s secret weapon for wowing clients and building trust: iGUIDE

Are you delivering the best experience possible for your clients? Do they trust you? Or do you find yourself constantly having to reassure and repeat conversations to try to build their confidence that you’ll take care of and address all of the details for their remodeling project? We all know when clients know, like [...]

  • Customer Success Story

Master Trades Group reduces project timelines and increases accuracy with iGUIDE

The construction industry has experienced a 16.7% increase in 2022, and there’s no sign of it slowing down. As a result, project timelines are getting longer and the demand for materials and talent is extending project timelines.  Marcel Bradbury, President of Master Trades Group, was looking for a better way to meet client expectations [...]

  • Sparks Media Group uses iGUIDE

iGUIDE: Unlocking the Door to Full-time Success as a Real Estate Photographer

Six years ago, you could find Tom Sparks lugging around his photography gear on weekends. Tom is passionate about shooting a variety of events. Capturing images of models, musicians, and weddings fills the desire to create incredible and memorable photos for his clients, but Tom soon discovered it didn’t bring in enough revenue.  Like [...]

  • iGUIDE powers a 400 percent increase in business for Paul Maynard Colorful Virtual Tours

iGUIDE Powers a 400 Percent Increase in Business

When Paul Maynard bought new client management software for his real estate photography business in Denver—Colorful Virtual Tours-- he saw a feature for uploading iGUIDEs. Curious, he looked into it and was immediately intrigued by the leading-edge property tech from Planitar. The iGUIDE camera produces virtual tours, 3D tours, 360-degree tours, and floor plans [...]