Getting Ahead of the Curve

How do you get ahead of the real estate market and propel your business further? Start providing accurate property measurements based on a measurement standard. Measurement standards are about to change the Canadian real estate market if they haven’t changed your regional market already. First, we saw Alberta adopt a [...]

2020-06-11T15:14:08-04:00Real Estate|

How To Show Off Your Listings (Safely)

Over the past few weeks, Realtors across North America have had to adjust quickly to accommodate new regulations and safety precautions related to showings and in-person contact. But in crisis there is immense opportunity. Rather than throwing in the towel, many agents, brokerages, and tech companies are using innovative ways [...]

2020-04-13T09:37:35-04:00Real Estate|
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5 Reasons to Safeguard Your Seller With Virtual Tours

Safety is not a trend, it's a necessity.  Home sellers put an enormous amount of trust in you, their Real Estate agent, to ensure their property gets exposure to prospective buyers while providing safeguards against mishaps. Protecting your clients against safety concerns when implementing your real estate marketing plan is [...]

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