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Why use 3D tours to engage buyers

Impact. If you want to have an impact on your real estate marketing think of 3D tours. Photos are useful to present a 2-dimensional picture of a property but with 3D tours, you not only paint the picture but you make the picture come to life. Videos can help the [...]

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Real Estate Agent marketing for 2022

Are your real estate marketing strategies working? Is your funnel getting clogged? It’s time you thought about the different stages of marketing to improve getting qualified leads from the top of your funnel to the bottom. Attract potential customers by lubricating their thoughts, delighting them with quality information, converting them [...]

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Help Your Buyer Leads Move Forward

Home sales have been brisk throughout 2021. You are busy following up with your clients making sure to answer any questions that have arisen since their recent sale or purchase. But what about the buyers who appeared to be ready to buy but nothing materialized? Your real estate buyer leads [...]

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Make your next marketing strategy Local

What does it mean to be a local real estate agent? By focusing on a targeted area you become an expert in a specific geographic area. You regularly attend events and have your eyes and ears tuned into the pulse of the community. The relationship you have with a specific [...]

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