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16 05, 2017

Are You Excited to Talk About Square Footage?


Are You Excited to Talk About Square Footage? When it comes to square footage, there is no number more important when it comes to the built environment than that square footage number. Square footage is the basis for any number in the build space. It's the basis for the ...

27 03, 2017

How long is iGUIDE® post processing time?


I was recently asked how long it takes to process the data from the iGUIDE camera system before submitting it. The answer will vary from house to house but in this case the answer is 2 minutes and 45 seconds.  Here is a short video that demonstrates the process from start to finish: ...

27 03, 2017

Top 5 overlooked features of the iGUIDE®


The iGUIDE® has so many features that some of the simple ones often get lost in the shuffle. Here is my top 5 list of features that often get overlooked. 1. There is a compass The compass feature shows the property’s relation to true north. This can tell you which rooms get the most sunlight. ...